Sports complex

MC System of construction enables quick and easy construction of large sports complexes of various architecture and urban designs according to the customer request.


School sports halls

Optimally dimensioned halls meet all applicable regulations and standards of school facilities.


School sports halls

Sports halls can be designed with stands for visitors adding the commercial value to the object, making it perfect for sports associations and local socialization centers.



Design of freestanding pool by precasted elements reduce transmission heat losses heat losses of the pool only to losses in the pool bottom and significantly reduce the costs of heating.



Length of buildings

Length of buildings is optional (you can choose any length divisible by 4m due to the dimensions of the elements, for example 36, 40, 44 … 52 … 76, 80 … etc.).

We can also offer and variety of halls with vertical walls and arched roofs – arc segments, range from 13.5, 21m…

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