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Sports complex

MC construction system allows quick and easy construction of large sports complexes according to customers requirements with a wide range of architectural and urban design.



Design of freestanding pool by precasted elements reduce transmission heat losses heat losses of the pool only to losses in the pool bottom and significantly reduce the costs of heating.





Industrial complex




Sports facilities in the energy efficiency class "A" and "B"

There is not a limiting factor for interior design, large spans without pillars and obstacles provide full freedom of interior design to architects and designers.

Facilities can meet applications as: sports halls, swimming pools, warehouses, cold storages, workshops, factories, showrooms, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, hospitals, residential buildings…

The all construction elements of buildings are carrying elements and all installations (ventilation, lighting, air conditioning…) including the overhead cranes are just fixed on the supporting structure. The facilities are designed to meet all customer needs making almost unlimited range of its applications.
Energy-efficient, fire resistant building with minimal costs for maintenance will achieve savings in all areas of business.

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