The elements are producing in steel molds with built-in vibration motors, whereby a constant, high level of product quality is easily maintaining. All the necessary facade openings forms during the production of the elements, windows, doors, etc., where all the openings are insulated and the joinery frames are installed without thermal bridges.

On the construction site, elements are placing on the built foundations and floor slab, where are designed outer walls of the building. The elements are placing quickly and simply next to each other, and temporarily fixed with clamps. Columns forms into insulated cavities inside the elements and tie the reinforcement from the elements. The formwork is single-sided and the monolithic AB structure is simple with a smooth finish.

Roofs can be sloped, made of prefabricated ferrocement elements, with preinstalled supports for suspended ceilings. Can be flat roof – reinforced concrete walkthrough or classic wooden on the beam support.

The MC² construction system is the fastest way to build durable, energy-efficient objects!

The MC² system of construction closes the desired space and form static system at the same time. The built structure provides all the requirements of statics, thermal and hydro insulation and high level of stability, safety and durability. Entire building constructed using this technology does not have a single thermal bridge.