With you since 1991.

  • MILINKOVIC COMPANY Ltd. is private enterprise formed by merging of two companies, “Teleinformatik” and “Ruraltel”.


  • The company Teleinformatik was founded in 1991. and operated in the telecommunications sector and installed more than 50 thousand telephone connections. Company successfully installed both access networks and telephone exchange systems throughout former Yugoslavia.
  • In January 1996, the management of the company founds new company “Ruraltel” and implements new technology on the market, WLL, a precursor of GSM. Company successfully projected and constructed numerous wireless access telecommunication networks as a segment of public phone network but also special purpose phone/data networks (military, police).


  • In July 2003, by merging the companies “Teleinformatik” and “Ruraltel”, the company MILINKOVIĆ COMPANY d.o.o. was created.

Milinković Company d.o.o. is the legal successor of the merged companies (it provides rights and obligations), and extends its activities to construction works and the construction of all utility and infrastructure networks.

Since 2008, he has been actively involved in the development and implementation of ferrocement technology in the construction sector and is developing the MC construction system.

MILINKOVIĆ COMPANY is registered as a subject with innovation activity at the Ministry of Science. R&D and production center no. RIO 67/09 from 2009.


We participated in numerous international fairs and exhibitions where we won a large number of awards for innovation, technology and quality of facilities. Milinković Company follows modern trends and directs development in order to improve services and product quality.


MILINKOVIC COMPANY is able to respond to the most complex requirements and is fully equipped for the most complex endeavors in the field of the construction industry. In construction of buildings, prefabrication of RC and ferrocement elements, as well as construction of telecommunication networks and systems, hydro technical facilities of water supply, sewerage, gas distribution networks and all communal and infrastructure networks.


The company’s quality is also subject to the international standard ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 in all areas of activity issued by the authorized certification body.

All prefabricated elements have been tested and certified in accordance with European norms and all prefabricated elements have CE marking.