MILINKOVIC COMPANY is able to respond to the most complex demands and is fully equipped for the most complex undertakings in the areas of civil engineering, in construction of buildings, prefabrication of RC and ferrocement elements and construction of telecommunication networks and systems, hydraulic structures of water supply, sewage, gas pipeline distribution networks and all utilities and infrastructure networks.

ISO9001 certified by “TUV SUD Management Service GmbH” in all areas of activity.

All prefabricated elements are certified in accordance with European standards.


SINCE 1990.

Milinkovic Company Ltd. is private enterprise formed by merging of two companies, “Teleinformatik” and “Ruraltel”.

“Teleinformatik” predominantly operated in the telecommunications sector and installed more than 50th. telephone connections. Company successfully installed both access networks and telephone exchange systems throughout former Yugoslavia.

In January 1996 the management of the company founds new company “Ruraltel” and implements new technology on the market, WLL, a precursor of GSM.  Company successfully designed and constructed numerous wireless access telecommunication networks as a segment of public phone network but also special purpose phone/data networks (military, police).

In July 2003 Companies “Teleinformatik” and “Ruraltel” have merged and formed “MILINKOVIC COMPANY” Ltd, its legal successor and in 2005 expands activities in the construction of all public utilities and infrastructure networks.

Since 2008 Company is actively engaged in the development and implementation of ferrocement technology in construction sector and developing MC System of construction.

“Milinkovic Company” is Registered Entity of innovation activity at the Ministry of Science. R&D and production center no. RIO 67/09 since 2009.


-Designing and construction of high rise buildings by MC System of construction, sports halls, warehouses, industrial halls, business facilities, residential objects…
-Designing and production of prefabricated ferrocement elements
-Designing and construction of telecommunication networks and systems
-Designing and construction of gas pipeline networks
-Construction of all communal infrastructure objects…


The company is constantly developing, educating employees, implements new ideas and modern approach to the service delivery in order to meet the needs of all potential users and customers.

Company representatives were regularly participants and speakers at each International Symposium on Ferrocement since 1999.

We are actively involved in creating a new visions in construction.






Award-winning system of construction.

We have participated in a numerous international fairs, exhibitions and forums; we seek modern trends and developing in order to improve service delivery and product quality.



– Construction of buildings by MC System of construction of total area ~6.500 m2;
– Construction of buildings by ferrocement technology of total area ~2.300 m2;
– Construction of 3 swimming pools by ferrocement technology
– Construction ~7.000m2 office and residential space;
– Construction and testing of regional water supply systems in total length of ~ 40 km
– Installation of communication exchange equipment for ~ 50.000 users;
– Construction of distributive communication networks for ~80.000 users;
– Assembling, installation and activation of 6 radio links and radio masts;
– Installation of WLL network for ~3.200 users;
– Construction of cable and optical cable ducts in total length of ~100 km;
– Construction and installation of gas pipeline distributive networks for ~3.000 connections;
– Construction of thrust stations for water feed line with all mechanical and electrical work including automatic and remote control of entire system;
– Construction of water distribution networks with all mechanical and electrical work including power system management and system for chemical treatment of water;
– Construction of thrust stations for waste waters, regional sewer system with all mechanical and electrical installations.

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