Energy efficiency



Arched shape provide more favorable ratio of volume to floor area minimizing external surface of walls by 21% reducing heat loss by the same percentage enabling energy savings for heating and AC.

Windows considerably smaller, by its position (on slope) provide the same brightness as much larger windows on the vertical walls. Reducing the glass surfaces, which have a high level of thermal conductivity, heat losses are additionally reduced. From the above we can conclude that the spherical objects have reduced heat losses by half compared with rectangular objects of the same volume and floor area with the same insulation properties.

Insulation is installed during prefabrication and consists of a combination of lightweight polystyrene concrete specific weight of only 160kg/m3 and thermal conductivity λ=0.044W/m2K and polystyrene that is dipped in polystyrene concrete, thermal conductivity λ=0.038 W/m2K.

Elements and the entire building do not have any thermal bridge.

The thickness of insulation in buildings is by the desire of investor, from 15 to 30cm, and the facilities are classified in energy class A or B.


The design of the building allows a very easy installation of all types of solar panels directly to the facility without additional costs and making the substructure.

(Vacuum tube solar collectors for sanitary water heating, photo electric panels).

By architectural design, due to the flexibility of the interior space (possibility of partitioning the internal space without limiting factor) is always possible to position the air chamber with minimal cost and minimal length of the air ducts to treat complete air in the object with the minimal temperature gradients.

The Investor can select the type of energy source and choose, for the purpose most favorable heating system. Our recommendation is, wherever it is possible the installation of heat pumps water – water. From current practice, heat pump of installed electrical power 6.2KW conditions the building of 954.9m2 GFA (location – Belgrade, mean winter temperature 0˚C)


We design and install all equipment and automation systems. In accordance with Investor needs we will optimize the control of all devices from HVAC to lighting and accessories. All elements of the installation and distribution cables, including alarm and fire extinguishing system can be easily set up on construction elements which provide lower costs of installation and lower installation length.

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