Ferrocement is essentially a thin, fine grained reinforced concrete that instead of discretely spaced reinforcing bars is reinforced with multiple layers of steel wire lath. Across intersection of the finished ferrocement elements steel is homogeneously distributed providing better behavior of the material. With a much smaller cross sections it is possible to achieve large loading capacity and produce ferrocement elements much lighter than standard reinforced concrete ones with the same mechanical characteristics.


The classic (skeletal) method of construction of ferrocement structures is long delicate process with lot of “manual” work. The Process of construction takes place in several stages: forming of steel skeletal form, wrapping of such form with wire lath and injection of mortar on both sides of the same.

This method does not require any formwork and allows the formation of different forms of object. Disadvantages of this method of construction are the inability of applying mortar to the entire surface at once, the impact of weather conditions, and impossibility of maintaining uniform quality. According to such disadvantages this method is not commercialized. During long development of ferrocement founder of “Milinkovic Company”, using this method of construction, has built a number of facilities including a solar house which stands out as an example of environmental and energy effective construction.

Taking advantage of all the benefits of ferrocement with development of new technological processes and avoiding of disadvantages of skeletal method new construction method, the MC System.


By prefabrication of elements significant savings in construction time is achieved. All elements are made in high quality moulds under controlled environmental conditions, indoor, in the same, excellent and consistent product quality.

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