MC SYSTEM has multiple advantages compared to other construction systems

The characteristics of materials and prefabricated elements simultaneously solve the issue of thermal insulation and construction system of built objects. Although the thermal insulation of the elements is very thick, it is vapor permeable, while the thin layers of high-quality concrete provide a very long life, resistance to all external influences and resistance to earthquakes and fires.

Halls built with the MC system of construction with a modified arc shape have a more favorable ratio of volume and floor area compared to the rectangular shape. The area of the external walls for the same floor area and volume of the building is at least 21% smaller, which reduces heat losses by the same percentage. The smaller required area of glass with roof windows (skylights) provide that the transmission losses of MC halls are up to 50% lower compared to rectangular halls of similar insulating power, i.e. with 15-30 cm of thermal insulation.

The modified arch shape prevents large temperature stratifications even at high building heights. In rectangular buildings, warm, lighter air simply rises up the roof structure, increasing heat losses and costs of ventilation, cooling and heating. In MC halls, due to arched shape warm air cannot rise up in smaller volume. MC buildings are easily heated and cooled with simpler HVAC equipment.

A load-bearing roof structure (≥600kg/m2) is formed by the static system of cross-linked AB arches and horizontal AB beams in the elements, as well as the elements themselves. All types of solar panels, chillers and other equipment can be installed directly on the building without additional costs and substructure construction. All internal installation, air ducts, electrical installations… can also be placed directly on the elements and the supporting structure, which makes a significant saving in all installation works compared to other systems.

Halls built with the MC System compared to halls with similar energy properties and fire resistance built with other construction systems have the following advantages:





The MC² construction system enables the quick and simple construction of commercial and residential buildings. The constructed objects are high quality and durable, energy-efficient commercial and residential buildings made of prefabricated elements.

The only system with prefabricated reinforced concrete insulated elements without thermal bridges, with insulation of 20 cm (or more) does not require any sub-construction and there is no possibility of the facade falling off.

In relation to all other systems of solid construction, the facade of buildings has only an aesthetic purpose, not insulation. The MC system provides the possibility of selecting all types of contact and cassette facade systems and combining them without creating thermal bridges. The only reinforced concrete construction system with preparation for the installation doors and windows in the insulation layer, which eliminates line losses of PVC or aluminum profiles with the structure of the building, improves the thermal performance and prevents the occurrence of condensation.

Provide additional useful floor space of the building due to the most favorable ratio of gross and net area of the building. Due to the small total thickness of the wall elements / external walls, with the same dimensions of the building, an additional 0.2m2 of floor obtains per meter along the external wall. The outer wall element is only 26 cm thick, instead of a minimum of 45 for standard, brick and plastered walls with 20 cm of insulation.

MC SYSTEM enables construction of high quality and durable, energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings of various dimensions and purposes quickly built by prefabricated AB elements.