Ferrocement is essentially a thin, fine grained reinforced concrete that instead of discretely spaced reinforced is armored with multiple layers of wire lath. Across intersection of the finished ferrocement elements steel is homogeneously distributed providing better behavior of the material.

The ferrocement elements are much lighter than standard reinforced concrete elements of the same mechanical characteristics.



TOUGHNESS – Multiple failure curve, even when the micro reinforcements break, the load capacity of the element continues to increase.

WATERPROOFING – The material is waterproof.

DURABILITY – Reinforced concrete.

Prefabrication of elements provide significant savings time of the construction of buildings. All prefabricated elements produces in steel molds in a closed space (without the influence of weather conditions) all with the same, high-quality.

Construction begins in the production facility with the production of elements under controlled conditions. All elements fit into standard transport dimensions and are transporting to the construction site with minimal costs. Using the MC system of construction it is possible to build a hall of 1.000m²-floor area in just 15 working days (on previously constructed foundations). You can have a finished object at your disposal in the shortest possible time.