Since 1991 the company is constantly developing, educating employees, implementing new ideas and a modern approach to providing services in order to meet the needs of all potential users and customers.

Company representatives are regular participants and speakers at every International Symposium on Ferrocement since 1999. The company presented its products at international innovation and construction fairs, where it won a large number of awards and accolades.

Founder of the company since 1981. is actively engaged in the development of ferrocement technology in construction and builds several buildings for personal needs. For the needs of the company in 1999. a hall was built in the skeletal method, which was then the largest building in the world made of ferrocement, and is still found in professional literature today.

Seeing the shortcomings of the skeletal method, the company developed the prefabrication of elements and in 2008. builds the first hall from prefabricated sandwich elements and patents the MC System. A large number of buildings, halls of various sizes were built in Serbia and abroad.

Expanding its offer to commercial and residential buildings, the company is also developing the MC┬▓ construction system in 2018. and builds the first family residential building with prefabricated elements. Further advancing the system, commercial and residential buildings can be built incomparably faster than other construction technologies.

We are actively involved in creating new global construction visions and bringing innovation and improvement to construction.

Now, MILINKOVI─ć COMPANY is able to respond to the most complex requirements and is fully equipped for the most complex endeavors from the construction industry, both construction of buildings, prefabrication of AB and ferrocement elements, as well as construction of telecommunication networks and systems, hydrotechnical facilities of water supply, sewage, gas distribution networks and all utility and infrastructure networks.

The quality of the company is also subject to all relevant international ISO standards in all areas of activity. All prefabricated elements have been tested in accredited laboratories in accordance with current European standards and have the CE mark.