The MC system represents a new, patented, fast and simple construction system of building quality and durable, energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings of various dimensions and purposes made of prefabricated elements.

The MC construction system provides a completely new approach to the construction of insulated, reinforced concrete buildings. High energy-efficiency of our buildings, speed of construction, exceptional durability of buildings and fire resistance are just some of the outstanding features of our construction system.

We have developed a new system for building halls with large structural spans (without columns) the MC system. Recently we have developed a system for construction of business and residential buildings of rectangular, classic shape, the MC² system.

The MC construction system first closes the desired space. The built structure provides all the requirements of statics, insulation, waterproofing and an extremely high level of stability, safety and durability. The entire building, built with this technology, does not have a single thermal bridge.

After that, in the built-up closed space, in controlled climate conditions, as a completely independent static system, with the technology of the user’s choice, internal partitioning is carried out in technology accordance with the needs of the client. All internal partitions can be completely reconstructed, this way of building organization enables an extremely flexible space that lives, develops and changes according to its user.

Conventional construction systems with prefabricated elements, first forms main supporting structure (columns, beams, floor panels….) and then by coating of such structure (walls, panels, glass….) closing space were all elements are forming unique static system.

The essence of the MC² construction system is the assembly of prefabricated wall elements that correspond to the desired floor height of the storey, forming the exterior walls of the building. The elements are three-layer, thermally insulated without thermal bridges. The flexibility of the MC² system provides the freedom in architectural and urban design. Modular construction system provide various designs of buildings and entire business and residential complexes according to the wishes and needs of investors. Using MC² system it is easy to design various shapes of floor plans of buildings, multi-story bay windows, terraces and other architectural forms. In accordance with other structural elements, elevator and stair cores, floor slabs and their supporting pillars, the number of stories of the buildings is by wish of the investor.

All necessary facade openings are formed during the production of elements, whether they are windows, doors, etc., where all the edges of the openings are insulated and the frames are installed without thermal bridges. Roofs can be sloped, made of prefabricated ferrocement elements, with preinstalled supports for suspended ceilings. Or flat roof – reinforced concrete walkthrough or classic wooden on the beam support.

The facade on the building (elements) has only an aesthetic function, not an insulating one. From the outside of the building, there is no need to perform a thermal insulation layer because the thermal insulation is already set in the middle layer of the element. The facade on the elements has only an aesthetic function, not an insulating one. It is possible to apply all types of contact and cassette facades on the outer layer of the element, as well as a combination of several types of facades without creating thermal bridges, because insulation is the middle layer of the element.

All buildings constructed using MC Systems of construction are resistant to earthquakes, gale winds and fires, with a positive attitude towards nature and ecology.

All elements are three-layered, with structural ribs, and middle insulation layer 15-30 cm thick. Outer and inner layer of elements are made of fine-grained reinforced ferrocement with polypropylene fibers, achieving compressive strength ≥40Mpa